spotlight no.1

Welcome to the spotlight ...

Drum roll please....

The Kid & Co ! 

Sooooo excited to do our first ever store spotlight on the ever fabulously curated store The Kid & Co. If you have ever heard of the super stylish and comfy brand "Billie the Kid" well... that, my friends, is where the adventure began for this store. Go and check them out - but not before reading our store spotlight get-to-know-you interview thingy ma jig with the fabulously wonderful Jayni.   

1. Full name - Jayni Ellen Assirati 
2. I have... 2 boys and their names are... Lucas and Jesse aka Lou and Goosie
2. Before kids I worked for... News Corp managing an Advertising team.
3. Now I...  design hats and backpacks! haha.. I own and run Billie the Kid as well as my new bricks and mortar store in Cronulla ‘The Kid & Co’ 
4. Best way to describe my store is a... real life Instagram feed! All of your favourite small brands in one place. Most of the brands we stock are owned and run by local Mums who are kicking butt in the kids apparel game! 
5. Not many people know... that I speak fluent Mandarin... because I can’t ; )
6. I love my family... and warm and chewy choc chip cookies
7. My pet hate ... rude shop assistants
8. I would rather watch... Home and Away over... most other shows. Shhh don’t tell anyone!
9. If I had a super power it would be... toddler taming, negotiation and conflict resolution.
10. Favorite label in my store atm... well of course heybaby, you’re a staple in our store! I’m loving Adam + Yve, Sunday Soldiers, Mad About Mini and Oovy’s winter range and really excited to launch Bobby G’s winter range in store this week! 

Ok... Now you can go and check them out.

But wait... thanks for reading. And double thanks with a cherry on top for all your love and encouragement. We may be new at this game, but and we have a ton of exciting things to learn and do, and we cant wait to share this journey with you all.

Love and hugs.

Melly & Warren